Fall in love, get soaked in its wonders, get lost in its bliss, and find the answers to the never ending wonderment of why love every once in a while entails crying. Emotions are strange every once in a while and in this forum we do not dissect love but experience it, flow with it, exist with it.

gone like the waves

I’ve counted the days when you went away
Many times than what my heart could take.
I’ve mourned the nights when you wouldn’t stay.
Kept wondering why the dawns wouldn’t break.

I’ve walked the path alone and scared.
Forever wandering for the next bend.
I’ve cried the rains we both have shared.
The pain, the anger, they’d never end.

I wish I’ve never got to know you.
There would be less than a little hurt.
If I have never got to see you
I would never have lost my heart.

Now you’re here but I cannot even look.
I’m not the same poor damsel anymore.
I’ve cried enough, my life you took,
Like the waves forever gone into the shore.


By: Agatha



I go, I take your hand,
we run away.
to a world
only we know.
Only we…

Realities in there live
and flutter
like dandelions to the wind.
And we breathe happiness
in and out,
like fleeting poppy smoke.

Yes, everything in there
is transitory,
like a perfume
that permeates a room.

I let it seep through my lungs,
through my eager soul
and then it’s gone.
The next moment it’s gone.

You’re gone.


By: Shiela

i love you, but not yet

i must speak with you again,
for this deafening silence is too loud.
its growing like a cancer,
gnawing at me from within.

my longing for you is screaming in every vein of this already weakened soul
i’ve nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide… no comfort
i am too small for this…
i’m like a child lost in a maze of emotions.

i am no more than a hungry parasite feeding upon the burning touch of your skin,
sometimes, i am like the corrupt and insatiable gods, drinking like ambrosia the sweet nectar of your laughter.
yeah, i know i am no better man than they who have loved and lost yet
i will always need you,
want you,
long for you, however…
i will not love you even if i want to
even if i need to,
because i do not want to lose you…


By: Anthony

to you my captor

to you my captor this aguished call i address

free me from this gripping bondage

for my soul is in deep aguish

these velvet chains of yours

a constant thorn to my bleeding side..

i am a man, a weak and helpless man,

my face longs for the touch of your hand like a thousand year thirst..

my body,

wretched and rotting with want and desire,

is aching like a sun dried sacrifice
in whose face pain was written with such a grotesque handwritting that Misery only can write
– all for a mere sprinkle of your tenderness…

even if im standing on a bent knee you will never see me crawl

even if im bruised, battered and bleeding i will never ever concede defeat…

you see,

i may be a slave but i have my pride

never will i cry mercy..

I am no Spartacus madam
The best that i can muster is cry my aguish to the deaf and uncaring skies
beneath this swollen and raw skin is a hardly beating heart…
i am your slave madam,
and to you who captured me
i give you myself
because despite the torture, the aguish and the pain…
your touch is worth it madam
and your tenderness simply erases all…


By: Anthony


i wanna touch you but you will burn me
i wanna hold you but you’ll make a hole right through me
after a nightmare of wandering through undefined horrors i finally found a gem
however, i cannot posses it for it will burn me
like embers;

like a mystified stranger that stood frozen in a viper’s stare, i cannot move…
there you are, your hair dancing in the wind like a myriad of colours possessing the crystal waters of an untouched lagoon,
there you are with your lips moist with nectar from the forbidden fruit,
i stood mesmerized…
my throat crying out their silent protest against this basal desire that is,
like embers,
burning deep down in the deepest recesses of my nature.

until the day breaks and the shadows of the night fly,
here i will remain in this purgatoty like state of oblivoius fascination,
waiting for the day that i can make up my mind,
wether to be contented with-
a gem in the sand, or embers in my hand…

By: Anthony

dont believe me

you know, you dont have to believe me…
you dont have to believe the things that i tell you.
you dont have to believe that my heart literally miss a beat whenever i think of you.
you dont even have to believe that i am an addict for your laughter
nor that when you bat your eyes to smile my heart simply melts.
darn, when you talk baby,
i am a thousand miles away,
the curve and the twist of your lips is like opium to my nerves..

yeah, dont believe me,
after all i am just a liar.
of the million lies i have told,
i cannot blame you. however,
of all these lies,
there is but one that i would hang for.
you see baby, im in love with you,
i maybe able to lie to you but i cannot lie to myself,
my feelings will always, as ever, betray me.

no, this is not physical attraction,
nor this is an infatuated fascination.
i cud look beyond you charms,
look beyond your face, even turn my back, but baby,
i cannot walk away. im not the same person anymore.
i thought that what i felt for you before is no more
than a romantic inclination but baby
, right now, i know that it was love..
but still you dont have to believe.
after all, its just me who could stand
under the midday sun and feel like im standing
beneath the shadow of a full moon
just because you’re watching.

silly huh?
well thats the state i am in right now
. im just a silly boy who happens to be in love with you..


By: Anthony


Even if you don’t want to love me anymore
I will still love you…
Even if that love for you will mean endless pain for me
Still, I will love you…
Yes, there will be times that I will be broken, torn and reduced to my knees
Yet, I will love you…
For this is more than just a swell of emotion, nor an overflow of the heart
This love is timeless…

This life will be one of sorrow
A shadow of what could have been
But fool as I am, I will not let the limits of the Universe
Vitiate me this one chance to love you
I only have one chance, and that is in the present
Tomorrow may fail us
But now, here we are, breathing that same air that love breathes,
What can hold us back?
Let us love even if they don’t want us to,
After all, beneath the rubble of our struggle,
all that will be left is You and Me
safe in the arms of our love.

Why do keep running away?
Can’t you see that as long as there is you
As long as there is me
There will always be our love.

By: Anthony