Fall in love, get soaked in its wonders, get lost in its bliss, and find the answers to the never ending wonderment of why love every once in a while entails crying. Emotions are strange every once in a while and in this forum we do not dissect love but experience it, flow with it, exist with it.

How Much?

How much time is spent to think about love and all its pains?

When done you can begin to clear the mind from all the stains.

How much fear have we to cradle to garner some acceptance?

Are we supposed to make a stand or leave just all to chance?


How big a smoke you need to find to affect changes in your mind?

I’d send more signals to the sky, I hope you’d hold your head up high.

How much love is billed from me when you opt to estrange

Yourself from me and from the truth? I hope I’d get some change.


How much of the lies you’ll buy to keep such company?

You grin and shout, enjoy the show, such veiled a calumny.

Since crippled minds can initiate, your mind’s to change in a blurry state.

Unknowingly, you have allowed these prying goons to manipulate.


How much of innocence shall you all gamble, utilitarian friends they are so ample.

Deliberately they can create, a perfect set up for your fate.

These people are not worth the trouble, for keeping them, your pain you double.


How much love shall you decline, despite the giving you refuse?

The hopes, the chances, all in time, their sparks they all diffuse.

How much, in time, is spent in rain when trouble’s gotten your sorry gut?

Despite the lessons you’re supposed to gain, you choose to be a butt.


How much of us is then required to live a truthful life?Is life one mere colossal stage where lie’s one’s estranged wife?

Is living merely half the truth of what we’re meant to be?

How much love you choose to give, the answer’s plain you’ll see.


How much pride is to be spent to give some gratitude?

Plain and simple, goodness, pray, is found in one’s attitude.

How much pain shall I endure to grow more furrows on my forehead?

Deeper, longer it shall make the lines which are unwanted.


How much love do I have to save to keep me all afloat?

Your arrogance is one big castle surrounded by a moat.

How much anger will you breathe to keep your royal court?

The jester and the chambermaid, themselves they cannot sort!


How much love is really left after I’ve given all away?

And how much pain can truth demand when lies it shall betray?

How much evil can your words paint, your thoughts they can portray?

You build an image by yourself and end up in dismay.


You walk away so stiff and blunt, you leaning on your self-belief

But walking back’s the only way, you get relief from grief.

There is so much pain in one “How much?” than a bruised and broken knee

For “How much love?” if one’s to ask, it will take the whole of me!


By: Anonymously Ken


if only

if only there’s a way i can erase her face whenever i close

my eyes,
if only i there’s a way to cool my skin where the last of her

touch had been,
if only there’s a way to quench this longing thirst for her

if only there’s a way…

but i been dealt with a mean hand
and laying my cards in not the way out
for when you’re stuck i a quagmire like this,
there’s no helping hand.

i cannot run away forever,
at some point i must turn around and face my foe
and that foe is me…
for whenever i see her face,
whenever my skin burns,
whenever my thirst become so great, all sense of

righteousness flee,
im taking a bite of the forbidden fruit again,
and again… and again.


By: Anthony

what you are to me

You have taught me love
And showed me it has wings.
You have made me see
What rainbows the rain could bring.

I never thought that even the stars
Have graceful feet that dance.
It’s you, it’s because of you
I felt love’s gentle hands.

But I have grown these wings
That made me see so much.
And these same wings would bring me
To where our hearts will soon be out of touch.

Hold me, for now while I’m scared.
One day soon you can’t be there for me.
With your own wings you too can try and fly.
Who knows one day you would still find me…


By: Agatha

My Stranger

I feared the stranger that you were
You brought along darkness
That frightened me no end.
I still fear the stranger that you are
In spite of your devotion
You’re scaring me.

What is it behind your eyes?
What is it that you won’t reveal?
And yet I do not want to see more
Of your cosmic secrets,
and your sinister lies.

I do not want to love you more
and want you more than I already do.
I cannot swim in your ocean
of promises of tomorrow.
Stay where you are,
A stranger I will forever get to know…
Shattered inside me
Like pieces of broken glass
My mixed emotions.


By: Shiela


You came
when I wasn’t able
to cup the song before it ended,
while my heart was dying
to the memories it once had known.
I retreated
into the dark womb of dependence
upon your promises yet to be made.

But I don’t need your heart
that is torn between two eternities.
I don’t need your love
that is still grieving over a song
so long forgotten.
I need your heart
and its poetry of devotion,
desire and possession.
I need you and your liberty
from the pain of the past
and the singing that didn’t last.

Beyond the limits of my fleeting years
I need you to dream
some new dreams with me
and measure how far
heaven really could go.
And when I have all of your heart
to fly away with mine,
how much more I will need you-
you will never know.

I want to be there

I want to be there
when the sun comes down
and the breeze touches you cold.
I want to be there
when the night comes cold
and there’s none for you to hold.
I want to be there
long after the rain has stopped,
long after the dream
wakes up to be failed,
long after the fire breaks
to dying embers.
Ask me to stay.
Ask me to be there.
Ask me, and I will never stop wishing
I can…,


By: Agatha

Just go

Go away now, though cry.
Someday you’ll find out why.
My world is such a wretched place.
A sordid, lonely, helpless space.
Never look back, though try.
You’ll see it was never worth your while.
I was made to burn and melt.
A flickering light, you wanted and felt.
Run ahead, and fast.
No need to make up for the past.
It was never even there.
I wasn’t here, not anywhere.
Go away, now you can fly.
Dreams abound up in the sky.
My own days will melt away.
Like a weeping candle I cannot stay.


By: Agatha