In Your Own Words

Say it in your own language, whatever it is. May it be the language only you can understand. Say it in your own, mother tongue, where you feel most comfortable writing your poetry and sharing what is inside your heart. Sometimes it only takes one’s heart to understand what you want to say


Wake me Up, I’m Thirty Seven
Wake me Up, I’m Thirty Seven
Treinta y Siete kana sa di-in kapa?
Indi na guid ma deny nga ikaw tigulang na
Ti ano karon? Daw ma hinulsol ka?
Di bale tigulang basta gwapa.
Kon ikaw ang pamangkuton abi pagsabat na
Ano ang mas maayo treinta y seis nga nag ligad
Karun treinta siete na
Abaw indi! Thirty seven is the best
Because I’m going to finish my Thesis.
Paalam thirty six, I’m going to leave you
Madamo guid nga salamat sa mga memories mo
Some are good most are not so good
It’s alright, ti-on na sa pag-sugod.
Ay ahay, him-os na guid ako
Tu-od tu-od na guid ini kag indi damgo
Thirty six plus one equals thirty seven
Thank you Lord, I’m not yet in heaven.
Rise and shine, hooray for thirty seven!
I’m so excited I welcome you in
Don’t be so excited not today
For Thursday is my birthday!