When experiencing grief, loss, fear, anger, sorrow or disappointment, we to hide from the world and be alone. This is about all the pains that only poetry can make sense of and bring you to a place where you get to understand it, and finally get over it.

I hate this night

Why do I hate so much?

When I used to be so full of love,

of hope, so innocent

like a budding rose.

Why do I hate so much,

when I know I got a lot to give,

anything at all.

I want to be rid of this sickness,

that has stricken me like a cancer

eating up my flesh.

I’m no better than a living dead,

devoid of life, there is nothing

not blood rushing but venom

and poison,

deadly as the night.

How I hate this night.

It has got nothing but nightmares

that offer no ransom

at all…