Author: poetsamongus

I’ve missed you


Those days were magical, no matter how frightening. The giggles were endless, the day dreaming was essential to get through each day. The rest of the world melted in the background whenever I saw you. I missed that. I miss you. I miss myself whenever I was with you. I miss the intensity of what I felt, out of my innocence, out of not knowing anything — just the feelings, just the amazement of this world I had just discovered.


What are we here for?

20140706_091727“Go instead to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

Who are we if we are here just for ourselves? What are we if we are here just to ensure our own survival, just to make sure we have what we want, and need? If we have everything we need right now, who are we? If everything in our life is about comfort and survival, what are we? Who are we? What gives meaning to our existence? Say we have everything this world can offer. Then what? Life doesn’t end there. Life doesn’t end in possessing all the things that we think could make us feel happy and secure. Life doesn’t end where there is nothing left to want or need. 

Nothing can be too boring than living a life only for one’s self. We are here for others, we are here to be there for others so that we will feel we are alive. Is there someone who has actually shared himself/herself with others be it their time, their money, their house, and not feel something beautiful stirring their most innermost of heart? When you share yourself with others, when you deny yourself for others, you live again. You find it inside you your own strengths, your own gifts, you get to know yourself and you rediscover how privileged you are. At the end of the day, it is still all about you, come to think of it. It is all about how you will learn and grow and become better as a person.