Month: October 2014

Hey Joe Show

“Amerikano amo panit, pero amo kasing-kasing, Pinoy.” This is a very heartwarming show for me. Hilarious, yes, no doubt about that. But I say heartwarming because in the midst of all the suffering the Filipino people is experiencing these days, and even the past year, it is reaffirming to know people of other races love the Philippines and claim they are Filipinos by heart. Solidarity. It means a lot to be connected.


Real Strength


Real strength can be tested in times when the world turns its back on you and you feel like you cannot trust anyone anymore. How do you remain strong, focused and steadfast when you are alone and you got no one to cheer you on, to encourage you and make your burden lighter? How do you stay positive even when almost every event in your life becomes ugly if not hopeless? Real strength is when you’ve got nothing to hold on to, when your vision has been blurred by tears that do not cease to fall, when it’s all too dark to see anything at all … it is real strength when you’re able to make it through. Alone.