Let love do what it can do to you

The reason why it didn’t work out for you, is because you settled for less. You thought so lowly of yourself so you didn’t think you deserved so much. You thought that it was better to take a chance, than wait forever for that perfect person for you. You wanted something, and you wanted it right away. You wouldn’t listen to anyone, that’s the mystery of love. It gets people under a spell. No amount of pixie dust or any magic spell could take you back to reality. None at all. If you are under spell, you are powerless. You just can’t do anything but be a cross eyed victim. Now all you have left are regrets and some hopeful attempts at life in between. Hope, at least you got that. Because if you are devoid of hope, then you are nothing but a living dead. Nothing can erase the fact that there is something lacking, a void somewhere inside you that still doesn’t have a name. No, it’s not because it is now over and someone has left a vacant seat next to you. No, it’s not because you have given your all and it has left you empty. And no, it’s not because you hope for a miracle that everything could still happen the way your heart secretly wished it would. There is a void inside you because you haven’t got to know yourself in a way that will not confuse you anymore. What really do you expect love to do with your life? Love is not something that will solve everything and make things perfect. It is not something that will make you whole, less lonely, less alone. 

Instead, let love allow you to hope again, not for wanting that person to be under spell like you were, but hope for love to find you. Do not define love. Let love define you, for all the exciting possibilities that you are right now, for all the limitless beginnings that you possibly could start, for all the countless and priceless lessons that you will learn. Let love find you and mold you into the kind of person that you ought to be. Not broken, not rejected, not taken for granted. Surely you know you deserve better, than any of these.

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