When Your Hero Has Fallen

When your hero has fallen,

life with fear you partake

And when your peace is stolen,

in your sleep you’re awake.


When your pain is forgotten

all your tears are ignored

It’s when you feel forsaken

by the one you adored.


It’s when you feel as empty

as a sore hollow grief

Or when you’ve found out lately

you’re in great disbelief.


That your hero has fallen

And so your hopes hang low

And oh your heart is taken

To die a death so slow.


Just remember your pride will not forgive you

And in September flowers begin to fall too.


Arrogance cannot give you wings,

it only gives you pits to fall in

And lust is mother of all things

which make your mind feeble to sin.


How come you have fallen now

Your hero is within

For certain you know somehow

What’s pulling you within.


Once your hero has fallen

Then you shall cry a tear

Your heart falls like a pollen–

A pollen stained by fear.


By: Anonymously Ken


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