There Shall Be

Now all that I should do is to celebrate
And be better and happier
What’s been done has been done
I should face the now
Accept that we all commit mistakes
This is how it is
And I’d rather chose an imperfect world
That is real
Rather than a perfect space
That is unreal.
It’s alright now
Face the world
Run a race
Compose a song
Write more until tears dry up
Don’t escape, this is the present: this is the time to live.
Don’t dwell in the past,
Don’t be anxious of the future.
Forgive yourself
Remember you should be alright now.
Achieve your dreams…
You’ve got friends
You have yourself
You have God
You are strong
You are fine
Look at the moon, then the shining sky
And be pacified
Because after 64 days
There shall be many more days
With him or without him

There shall be…


By: Richelle


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