Rain finally

One day soon, I will understand happiness

and everything that it means to say.
I cannot wait for that day,
when all I would care about
is how to make you happy in return.
Over the hundred sunsets
that brought me nothing but grief,
I have grown fond of this pain
not even my own.
Yes, not my own.
Because I suppose I do not deserve any of it.

What was the spell

that has immortalized this pain anyway?
If only I know, then I can let it go…
Looking back, over the few years since I met you,
there was nothing but a whirlwind
of almost terrifying enchantment,
moment after moment,
of your mere presence.

Who were you, that came into my night
and engulfed me with your charm?
I am still wondering. I am still scared… once in a while.

Take me way,
like the night in shining armour that you are,
rescue me from this dungeon of unforgiving past.
I can’t wait to run wild and free into the reality
of a dream our hearts only wished for.
I wished for so many things.
I longed for you like a dessert  would long for a rain in 40 years.
And now, here you are, rain finally.

All I need to learn is how to dance and frolic in it….


By: Shiela


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