You came

when I wasn’t able

to cup the song before it ended,

while my heart was dying

to the memories it once had known.

I retreated

into the dark womb of dependence

upon your promises yet to be made.


But I don’t need your heart

that is torn between two eternities.

I don’t need your love

that is still grieving over a song

so long forgotten.

I need your heart

and its poetry of devotion,

desire and possession.

I need you and your liberty

from the pain of the past

and the singing that didn’t last.


Beyond the limits of my fleeting years

I need you to dream

some new dreams with me

and measure how far

heaven really could go.

And when I have all of your heart

to fly away with mine,

how much more I will need you-

you will never know.


By: lavina


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