my girl on errands

funny, i’m here and your on the other side of the town going about your day
but somehow i feel like every breathe that I take,
every rise and fall of my chest,
is connected with every breathe that you take,
every rise and fall of your breast.
I cannot help but believe that the reason that i breathe,
the reason that my chest rise and fall with life
is because,
somewhere across this town,
there is You…

funnier still,
but i can just see that mysterious cord woven by cupid himself around my neck,
and as your heart beat, love pulsates
and as love pulsates,
i breathe.

What’s even more funny is
I can just see those dainty feet dance around the puddles that a play full weather had left,
I can just hear that childish laughter echoing through the day,
As I soak myself in those laughter,
I breathe,
as I breathe you,
I live..


By: Anthony


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