It Never Disappeared

For the eyes that can see beyond scars
For the arms that wanted to hold on
For the taste of pasta and bread you had put in my plate
For the beer we first drank together in November
For the feet willing to go where you are
For the love that never disappears…

For the picture of yours I had first seen in a desktop
For our first picture together that has been my pc’s background for so long
For the terror I had felt you also had in that falls thal almost killed me
For all the text messages sent, read and deleted, and now missed…
For the smell of the air of that simple town where I first met you for real…
For the voices of the choir in that mass where you stole my attention

For the love that never disappears…

Though my mind’s been asking for rest,
My soul keeps on, Oh, it goes on,

And I guess I will be remembering you forever

And each part of me that has own memories of you

And I tried hard but this love still remains

It never disappeared.


By: Richelle


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