Even if you don’t want to love me anymore
I will still love you…
Even if that love for you will mean endless pain for me
Still, I will love you…
Yes, there will be times that I will be broken, torn and reduced to my knees
Yet, I will love you…
For this is more than just a swell of emotion, nor an overflow of the heart
This love is timeless…

This life will be one of sorrow
A shadow of what could have been
But fool as I am, I will not let the limits of the Universe
Vitiate me this one chance to love you
I only have one chance, and that is in the present
Tomorrow may fail us
But now, here we are, breathing that same air that love breathes,
What can hold us back?
Let us love even if they don’t want us to,
After all, beneath the rubble of our struggle,
all that will be left is You and Me
safe in the arms of our love.

Why do keep running away?
Can’t you see that as long as there is you
As long as there is me
There will always be our love.

By: Anthony


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