Equip Your Children With A Why

The moral regression that we are now experiencing is taking its toll on us; we are now turning into modern-day cavepeople running around with gadgets. Our society now seeks all kinds of pleasures without considering the morality its actions. It is really beginning to catch fire and we have to defend our moral turfs. We have to make a stand!


Parents, I encourage you to equip your children with a THINKING MIND. Train them to ask “WHY?”.


In my experience, the values I have imbibed were preached and practised religously by my mother. When we were kids, we were told to consider other people’s needs and feelings whenever we acted on something. I practically did not like it since, as a kid, all I could think of were my needs and myself. Little by little, my mother’s warnings and teachings broke the barriers of my selfishness and resistance. I do not claim to be so righteous and selfless but at least my mother has taught me and showed me how to be generous. She has taught me how to ask the question “WHY?”.


Why is the “WHY?” so important?


It was ALL important in my experience, looking at them in hindsight, since I learned to check the validity of my actions as opposed to the morals/norms of our society. I looked around and observed how people acted and categorized actions as normal and moral–acceptable versus not acceptable. Gradually, I was able to develop a sense of examining the intentions of people (including mine) whenever they/I did or tried to do something. Wasn’t I raised as a suspicious kid? Probably, I was but being suspicious is NOT IMMORAL at all. I reckoned, it would better to be suspicious than to be fooled that easily. It was better to ask questions, throw some “WHYs” and examine things before diving into the action. Of course, I had my mistakes and still am having some. My life up to now is an interplay of my indulgence to my desires and the taming of them, the letting go of unimportant things and holding on to those I consider valuable and helpful to me, and of course, the current strength of my “WHYs” based on the moral experiences I have had for the past 3 decades.


The point, however, is this: With “WHY” becoming a replay in the minds of our children, they can begin to journey as growing individuals and become better-valued and better-equipped teenagers, and later turn into responsible adults in our society.


“Why”-equipped teenagers are less of a hassle to handle compared to those who are not who would just succumb to PEER PRESSURE since THEY DO NOT have a “WHY” to ask and a “WHY” to live for.


In summary, the moral understanding of actions can be seen much clearly when we seek to understand WHY an action WAS done, IS done, and WILL be done. When we examine experiences and experiences-to-be with our children, we slowly grow a THINKING population and, hopefully, a MORAL one.


Why equip your children with a “WHY”? WHY NOT!  By: Anonymously Ken


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