i wanna touch you but you will burn me
i wanna hold you but you’ll make a hole right through me
after a nightmare of wandering through undefined horrors i finally found a gem
however, i cannot posses it for it will burn me
like embers;

like a mystified stranger that stood frozen in a viper’s stare, i cannot move…
there you are, your hair dancing in the wind like a myriad of colours possessing the crystal waters of an untouched lagoon,
there you are with your lips moist with nectar from the forbidden fruit,
i stood mesmerized…
my throat crying out their silent protest against this basal desire that is,
like embers,
burning deep down in the deepest recesses of my nature.

until the day breaks and the shadows of the night fly,
here i will remain in this purgatoty like state of oblivoius fascination,
waiting for the day that i can make up my mind,
wether to be contented with-
a gem in the sand, or embers in my hand…

By: Anthony


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