dont believe me

you know, you dont have to believe me…
you dont have to believe the things that i tell you.
you dont have to believe that my heart literally miss a beat whenever i think of you.
you dont even have to believe that i am an addict for your laughter
nor that when you bat your eyes to smile my heart simply melts.
darn, when you talk baby,
i am a thousand miles away,
the curve and the twist of your lips is like opium to my nerves..

yeah, dont believe me,
after all i am just a liar.
of the million lies i have told,
i cannot blame you. however,
of all these lies,
there is but one that i would hang for.
you see baby, im in love with you,
i maybe able to lie to you but i cannot lie to myself,
my feelings will always, as ever, betray me.

no, this is not physical attraction,
nor this is an infatuated fascination.
i cud look beyond you charms,
look beyond your face, even turn my back, but baby,
i cannot walk away. im not the same person anymore.
i thought that what i felt for you before is no more
than a romantic inclination but baby
, right now, i know that it was love..
but still you dont have to believe.
after all, its just me who could stand
under the midday sun and feel like im standing
beneath the shadow of a full moon
just because you’re watching.

silly huh?
well thats the state i am in right now
. im just a silly boy who happens to be in love with you..


By: Anthony


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