Illumined: by Anonymously Ken

This poem resonates with just the kind of rantings I have, observing how this Facebook generation has been trying to drastically alter society. When I say Facebook generation, I do not just mean people hanging in FB. Of course there are plenty of good reasons why people do that these days. But beyond that are things more important to consider and reflect upon like how narcissistic this present generation has turned out to be. Notice the thin, almost invisible line, between sharing and showing off. Indeed there is life outside of this virtual society, where the temptation of looking out instead of looking in is just way too powerful. Outside of it are realities untouched, waiting to be explored, waiting to be revealed so that in turn can reveal something about ourselves. 


In the shadow of the night a brave heart is illumined

By the beatings it has gotten it may seem just ruined

And by the light of the day, all its tears may be enough

As to carry on with duties in loving souls so tough.


It is, indeed, no king in the throne that it occupies

But it always stands for truth amidst those embedded lies

How tough is tough, when the world’s impervious to brokenness

When all it seeks to desire is the short-lived happiness?


In the shadowed night this heart crawls to make a hurtful stand

To bring us some dignity the world has seemed to have banned

Of morals, the youth, they all just seemed to have forgotten

All dignity and honor, they thrashed, they have been rotten.


What this heart often sees is the crumbling of our being

With morals and desires, they’re entirely disagreeing

You, of low reason and of little faith go on ranting

Assassinating souls, gaining the world with your slanting.


Look straight ahead, you’ll find your heart is plainly sinuous

Your ways are wicked, sly, insidious, disingenuous.

You fly with a company with morals of a housefly

Putrid reputation, you take evil for an ally.


Heart, come survive in the hateful shadowed repugnant nights

Choose, cull, designate, prepare heavily for roguish fights

Time shall come when the curtain of deception shall take fall

You might still be around to claim that you have won it all


Bruised, weeping heart in the illumined morals of the night…


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