I am really so in love with this song. There is something about the lines that just pulls every heart string in me. I just go weak and swoon while listening. I don’t know. Just so beautiful. I mean who doesn’t want to fall in love like this? This is real. This is possible. We all deserve to feel the way the author of this song was surely feeling when he wrote these lines. It is just so raw, so alive. It makes me cry, always, whenever I listen to this song. The Voice of the Philippines contestant Jessica has given it a different interpretation here which really captured me and brought tears to my eyes.

Indeed one of the best Filipino songs which I hope people around the world will get to know. They’re missing a lot!

Ikaw ang bigay ng maykapal
Tugon sa aking dasal
Upang sa lahat ng panahon
Bawat pagkakataon
Ang ibigin ko’y ikaw

Ikaw ang tanglaw sa ‘king mundo
Kabiyak nitong puso ko
Wala ni kahati mang saglit
Na sa yo’y maipapalit
Ngayo’t kailanma’y ikaw

Ang lahat ng aking galaw
Ang sanhi ay ikaw
Kung may bukas mang tinatanaw
Dahil may isang ikaw
Kulang ang magpakailan pa man
Upang bawat sandali ay
Upang muli’t muli ay
Ang mahalin ay ikaw


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