Cinderalla Wannabe

As a little girl I fell in love with the Cinderella story. Being shy and withdrawn, I was always the one left at home and I would imagine “my” fairy godmother wagging her glittery wand right before my eyes and turning me into a beautiful princess. Any moment soon, my carriage squash will bring me to where my prince would be. We would dance and fall in love and live happily ever after.

I grew up hoping for the happy ever after ending. Somehow, I thought planning things carefully would make it possible me. No boyfriend while still studying, no teenage pregnancy, princess should be deserving enough for the prince…all those silly stuff a Cinderella wannabe could think of.

I lived in a dream world. I’m glad I got to love these fairy tales, if only I didn’t insist myself in these make believe worlds. The happy ever after is something that we all must work on, everyday. It doesn’t just come at a particular moment in time and stay there for good. Life doesn’t end at the last page of a fairytale book. It goes on bringing with it more characters, twisted plots, surprising and sometimes scary climaxes.

But I guess no one is too old enough to learn something new everyday. Oh well, yes, I’m not too old enough to read these fairy tales once again and see which part could I try and fit myself in. I’m sure I would know even better.



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