ALL I EVER WANTED: by Anonymously Ken

I seldom cry at poetry. At least while reading what others write. This one has just made me cry, the lines are just too painful I too “grimace” reading it. Indeed love can cause us this much pain every once in a while and sometimes I myself wonder, would there be another chance of knowing love beyond just this kind of pain?


All I ever wanted was a little space in your heart
One that I could call my own
Where little things matter like big ones do
My little world is just that care from you.

So tell me how do I forget the pain
When the love that slowly grew was choked then it was slain?
How do I forgive my heart–that would be bliss
When forgiving would be as easy as this.

How could you live so far away from me
Though we are as near as we ever could be
Our worlds entwined, I’m glad we both could stay
But this is how we are, so far away!

How could you paint a smile on your face
When the rest of me just grimace
Much love that you can place
But dreams, I can only reminisce.

All I ever wanted was to share the beating of your heart,
Your life of which I am a part
But sad to say after all those years you’ve mastered just the art
Of breaking you and I apart.

All I ever wanted was a glimpse inside your mind
And never to be left behind
When walls cry in the silence of the night
When sadness comes over the thoughts I fight.

Have you ever seen me crumble, stumble in the dark
But daytime comes I become a lark
And I sing just songs of love
Or I fly to the clouds above?

Have you ever heard me talk about a love so great
About promises one cannot wait?
Have you ever seen me cry amidst the rain in June
And sing the lines of a merry tune?

All I ever wanted was a tiny space inside your heart
How hard it is for you to give?
All I ever wanted was a place I’ll call my own
And here you are, avowing to disown.

Have you ever tried stopping tears from welling in your eyes
When you were robbed of your only paradise?
Have you ever smiled despite the pain that thrives inside your heart
To make things right when you depart?

Did you ever forget the hands that held you up when you couldn’t stand
The heart that gave you what you would demand?
Did you ever forget the songs that made you cry
And the fingers that wiped your tears dry?

Did you just forget the heart that listened to the tales of your tragedies
And the one that sung comforting melodies?
Did you ever forget the eyes that cried with you
And the nights you were sobbing through?
Did you forget the fingers that would run through your hair
To ease your heart from all despair?

All I ever wanted was a tiny speck of love from you
To build a dream and see it through with you
But sadly though we have to grow apart
This has to tear my yearning broken heart.

And all I ever wanted was for me to say goodbye
But we do not see eye to eye
With all these pains, alone I cry
I force a smile and heave a sigh.



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