New Year Meandearings

How do we prepare the way for the Redeemer? How do we make our hearts ready? How do we ready our souls? 

Most of the time our daily responsibilities and aspirations make us forget our real purpose why we are here. I know because that has exactly been my life most of 2013 and even the years before that. From the waking of the dawn to the slumber of sunset, I toiled and toiled and toiled and toiled, thinking about others, thinking about pleasing others for that matter, thinking about how to take care of my loved ones, friends dear to me. And thinking about that made me less guilty when I am reminded that there are far more important things that I am forgetting to do, if not actually neglecting. 

For this coming year, my new year’s resolution is “Stop acting smart and let God be God.”  Surely there are things in life that are beyond my control. Well, in fact, who says I should need to control anything? Anything at all? I want to get my heart ready by surrendering to him all that I have, both pleasant and otherwise. I know I cannot do it all, I cannot be perfect, I cannot be the best, I cannot at all please everybody. But I also cannot just do as I please. As a Christian I am called to endure the road to Calvary where Christ has shown us victory over death.


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