Learnings of a feeble heart

One day i will learn

that not all goodbyes

need to be said

because sometimes

the sun has to slip away

behind the dark clouds

of the vast twilight —

quietly, gently …

and you never know it’s gone,

till the world is all dark and gloomy.


One day i will learn

to feel and savor the rituals

of the pouring rain,

amidst my luxury of self-torment,

over a love so misunderstood,

and a soul convicted of vagrancy,

when the night is old

and our hearts are cold.


Because one day soon

long nights will be over,

and hearts that hurt will mend.

It’s only a matter of time, and love

until I learn that the skies

have the eternity to spend

watching over my neglected dreams.

Then I arise from the dark

and learn some more

that the sun is up once again.


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