What’s made of love?

What will I write 

from the heavens 
that can never taste my grief? 
Its wealthy indifference 
stare at me each time I long for you. 
How can I not remember 
that you’re a melody
im not allowed to sing, 
a dream im not allowed to wake up to. 
A joy that will just forever be out of reach. 
Ours s an inexistent truth, 
here in there world 
that knows nothing but pretense. 
We might as well pretend along. 
Until we forget we’re pretending…

Kiss me, and tell me tales
Of love immortal and love divine. 
Kiss me, and sing me rhymes
From cosmic dreams 
And stars that sigh…
Kiss me and fly away 
With my soul, somewhere where angels
Never weep and happy days are only ours to keep. 

How could I love you more
Than not touch you? 
It wouldn’t be freedom without your warmth. 
How could it be love 
Without wanting? 
Would it still rhyme without our tune?
Our hearts, they must keep singing.
How could they live some more than not love? 
How could you love me more 
Than not hold me?

would you still stay and watch me fade?


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