Over Hills

Now I’m back to my usual life 1382 kilometers away from you,
Suddenly came in me my travel up north last December…
That moment when my throat’s resonator was finally freed
And with resting souls in hanging coffins as my witnesses
I screamed your name over hills…
Hoping you to hear it
Wishing you to listen
But response was none
And Echo Valley brought back my voice to me.
I wondered more of how love could be as desperate
Of how I could be just satisfied
Asking the other to just let me love
And oh, how illogical it is to not expect to be loved
But still continue feeling enormous, unstoppable pain…
A kind of pain that made me run as fast as I could
So that there’ll be a hoax reason for intense heartbeats.
And yeah, I screamed your name beneath the Earth
Spelunking Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave with thoughts of you
With each slippery path the crawling continues
Just like love. Alright, just like love…
That no matter how precarious
Still the spirit is willing to stride
Up and down, the risks endured
Arriving at that awe-feeling— I survived, or did I survive?
And I recalled the victory in a special way
Glancing at the pictures taken, reminiscing happy and testing moments
Just like love.
Trekking I went and you also followed…
And wondered why my heart is still not exhausted of your memories
How can you do that? To be here though you are not here…
Searching for reasons but couldn’t find
And so I just screamed your name over hills again and again,
And then looked up to heaven and be hopeful
That the next time for love to come

I won’t fall apart

I’ll just fly.


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