Life is Poetry. Every atom and molecule is made up of rhymes that come alive with the sighs and meandearings of some dreamer.

Look around you, they’re everywhere …. They are the sonnets of an old man begging in the streets, they are the lullabies of a mother with her infant, they are the verses of a mourning lover…. Poetry is what gives us meaning why we’re here, it is the silence that we often not hear, it is the droplets of rain after the storm, it is the strength we find within after we have surpassed the same.

Let us come together and find out more about what it can give us, about how it can help us get to know ourselves even deeper. There is so much that we can offer to the world if only we know ourselves and realize the gift that we are, the poets, the artists, the lovers, the dreamers, the wanderers, the thinkers, the dancers … We are here because life has called us. 


Poetry of the Week 


Marco Polo Care Center Children, Virlanie Foundation Inc.
Passage Camp: Art and Sports Therapy Project
January 28- February 11, 2013
White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

You are my angels,

I love hearing your innocent voices…

I love putting you into sleep in your beds,

And then waking up, wondering how you reached my bed

Hugging me all over,

And then seeing your eyes still closed

Letting you just stay beside me.

But I love you more as you are

And I might get mad at times,

Or talk to you as loud as I could—

Yet know that I’ve done that because I want to guide you

And I want all the best for you.

My little angels

I may had taught you about this, and that,

But you’ve actually taught me more…

You all have taught me what hope really is,

And you are teaching me more about life,

You are teaching me all about love. 


Photo of the Week 


Photo source: Mamamia Parents